WiredTree Managed Servers

Dedicated Server Overview

WiredTree managed dedicated servers offer industry leading hardware specifications backed by unparalleled infrastructure. All servers come with 24/7 phone and email support including pro-active management of hardware, software, network and security features. Using WiredTree, each website utilizes MariaDB and memcached technologies to enhance hosting speed. Each dedicated server provides users full root access to manage everything from bandwidth to IP address, whereas Grove client portal is state-of-the-art tech platform allowing users to monitor server health, memory usage and other performance metrics with a single click. Each WiredTree server is connected to the public and the private network where each network is logically separate from the other component allowing uninterrupted speed and bandwidth. Now with this wired tree coupon, you can get killer discounts that wil lsave you tons of money.


All servers on WiredTree infrastructure are contained in a self-sustaining environment of a robust network-within-a-network. This world-class network consists of public and private network, which secures users from outside threats and prevent regular DOS attacks prevalent in other hosting platforms. The latest R1Soft backup0;0;716;195;716;195s and parallel optimization helps client websites experience blazing fast speed that can be 75% faster than most dedicated environments. As a part of the world-class service level agreement, WiredTree evaluates its infrastructure every year to equip latest technologies. Each server is automatically upgraded to include latest RAM, Bandwidth and related tools without additional costs.

Innovative Features

WiredTree has spent over $100,000 last year just to include latest SSD caching, R1soft backups and modern I/O setup, which is a new landmark within the hosting industry. Without exuberant costs, WiredTree only focuses on providing the most powerful dedicated server solutions that are fully customizable to customer’s requirement. Each tailor-made dedicated solution contains at least 2 to 16 CPU cores backed by 100% guaranteed RAM. In addition, customers can order ECC RAM, RAID-10 array, PCI Express and every imaginable modern technology without signing long-term contracts.

User Interface

A user-friendly CloudLinux interface seamlessly integrates with the hosting environment enabling management of users on a finer level. The in-built safety mechanism of CloudLinux is sturdy enough allowng new users to learn the user-interface quickly without abusing server configuration. This lightweight virtual environment automatically controls and manages user commands preventing errors and system damage. User isolation, improved server stability, on-the-fly user limit changes and productive resource management are only few of the advanced features that CloudLinux offers. Users can easily add servers into clusters and backup data between servers at no cost.